Autotecknic Carbon Competition Shift Paddles - BMW E90 E92 M3

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Part # BM-0161-CF

Introducing our meticulously crafted Racing Paddles designed exclusively for your BMW E9X M3 equipped with the M-DCT transmission. Crafted from premium dry carbon fiber, these paddles not only elevate your driving experience but also enhance your vehicle's interior aesthetics. Once you experience the precision and style of these paddles, you won't want to part with them.

These Competition Shift Levers are the perfect companion for track enthusiasts, offering a significant advantage. With their bold design, they not only look impressive but also provide improved functionality. Shifting becomes a breeze, allowing you to enjoy 30% more rotation during turns without the need to remove your hand from the wheel.

What sets these paddles apart is their ergonomic design. You can effortlessly wheel-shift while maintaining a secure grip on the wheel, even in the lower hand positions at 4:00 and 8:00. Whether you're cruising or tackling tight turns, these paddles offer unmatched comfort and control.

We've conducted rigorous test fittings to ensure a seamless fit, giving you the confidence that these paddles are a perfect match for your BMW. While professional installation is recommended, you can trust that these paddles are engineered for a hassle-free upgrade.

Elevate your driving experience with our Racing Paddles – the ultimate blend of style, performance, and precision for your BMW M3. Make every drive an exhilarating journey with these premium carbon fiber companions.