What is the difference between BMW ISWEEP IS1500 and IS2000?

What is the difference between BMW ISWEEP IS1500 and IS2000?

This is the question that has been asked almost on a daily basis, what is the difference between IS1500 and IS2000? After running these brakes for over 8,000 miles I believe we have the answer you've been looking for.

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ISWEEP Brake Pads: https://structuredmotorsports.com/collections/isweep-bmw-low-dust-no-squeal-brake-pads


This brake pad is perfect for the daily driver who wants the OEM feel of the stock brakes but is sick and tired of the awful brake dust that comes with buying a new BMW. The IS1500 is the least amount of dust (although there still is some brake dust, but far less than stock by a lot). If you are just a daily driver and want low dust and want to get rid of the embarrassing brake squeal when coming to a stop then these are the brakes for you. These may be a bit more expensive over the possible other brands, but when it comes to ISWEEP i can say the fitment and compound is very good quality, the brake wear is about the same as stock, and the attention to detail and effort that ISWEEP Japan puts into producing this product is amazing in my opinion, which i think is worth the extra few bucks. Also since we work closely with importer RG Sport, we can help with any issues or problems that arise quickly as opposed to the other brands. Which in the current car market, it is hard to get this kind of help when you are having problems with your parts.

To be as transparent as possible, there are a couple minor issues that i have noticed since running the pads. I like to go canyon driving since they are abundant here in SoCal, and i noticed that the IS1500 does NOT like excessive heat and i have experienced some brake fade after a few late braking turns which is understandable because this is considered a street pad and are not the best for very hard braking conditions. But when on the freeway and you have an emergency braking situation because of a bad driver in front of you, these brakes in my opinion bite a bit harder than the stock, but if you do this back to back consistently you will notice a bit of a fade. The only other thing i noticed with these brakes, is that if you are lazy like myself and don't wash your car frequently, after a about 1,000 miles or so i am getting a slight brake squeal when driving slow like say through a parking lot or when the brakes are cold, but this goes away quickly when the brakes warm up or when you finally wash your car. Also when it comes to removing the brake dust, the ISWEEP is a LOT easier to remove than OEM and requires less scrubbing to keep your wheels looking great more often.



The IS2000 brake compound has all the same bells and whistles as the IS1500 but has more braking power for the more aggressive street driver. It does have a little bit more dust than the IS1500 (still a lot less than the OEM BMW brakes), but you still get to lose the embarrassing brake squeal and get more stopping power than stock, win win right? This brake pad can handle a bit more of late braking situations but is still a street pad at the end of the day. So don't expect to take these to the track and late brake corner after corner. If you have an SUV we suggest getting this brake pad as a standard since you have such a heavy vehicle, the extra stopping power is a huge plus and you get way less brake dust. 

Another Common Question: Do i need to add a brake sensor to my order?

If your car has not given you a warning that your brakes are low, you do NOT need a new sensor you can use the current one. This is most common for those that are changing their pads before brake service is due. 

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